Mac Is Us!

Welcome to a new era in computer repair.

We’ve always believed that customer service is just as important as a good product
or a fast turn around on repairs. We’ve spent the last year working in Vancouver at
an apple repair shop and felt that even though the shop was one of the best we’ve
ever been in, there was still something missing.

We’d much rather take apart a machine 3 times to fix a little issue instead of seeing a
customer come back within 3 months to have the simple issue resolved again.

Our philosophy is that with good customer service, people’s word of mouth and loyalty
will take a company and its owners much further rather than fancy words and
underhanded schemes.

With Mac Is Us, we won’t cut corners to fix your machine. As we have experience
fixing Apple and Windows computers, we have revived many machines that had been
declared dead. With a simple fix like a new topcase, or removing a stuck dvd, and in
one case even by removing a dead battery, we can get it going again!